~/EAL1.12 and Quiknode - pulling chain-data with web3js

19 November 2017

Today, we released EAL 1.12, which starts to bring the extension towards my initial vision aside from the anti-phishing persona is now has.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, and I’ve finally gotten around to doing it. The folks at Quiknode run a great service of having your own managed private Ethereum node. EAL has decided to start using their services to bring you EAL 1.12.

When EAL linkifies an Ethereum 0x address, it’ll now - when you mouseover the address - make 3 RPC calls to the Quiknode node, and give some basic details on the address.

Below is an example of the popup on the Bittrex address on Etherscan


This is the initial launch of the feature, and we have some really exciting plans to enhance it (showing your favourite token values for a particular address, quicklinks, address labelling, UI tweaks of the popup) that will be coming very soon.

How to update?

If you got EAL via the Chrome Extension Store, just wait for Google to push the update to you, or, if you manually installed EAL, here’s the download links: Github release

EAL tip-jar: 0x661b5dc032bedb210f225df4b1aa2bdd669b38bc